OFS at The SoCo Market. In this image, Brittney Tolosa the owner mixes a Hydrojelly Mask.

OFS at The SoCo Market

We recently embarked on an exciting adventure, bringing our beauty expertise to The SoCo Market. Our team set up our tent and we offered Hydrojelly Facial Demos to the attendees. In this Beauty Blog post, we’ll dive into the highlights of this awesome event, from the Hydrojelly Demos to the warm and friendly atmosphere that surrounded the entire experience.

OFS team at Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa getting ready to go to The SoCo Market.

Hydrojelly Facial Demos: A Glimpse into Skincare Bliss

Our team transformed our treatment room into a pop-up haven where visitors could experience a taste of our signature Glow & Go Facials. Although these demos were not the complete treatment, they were offered free of charge and included a personalized consultation with an OFS professional esthetician. This ensured that attendees could still benefit from the Hydrojelly mask and receive expert advice tailored to their skincare goals.

Hydrojelly SoCo

Connecting with Friendly Vendors and Attendees

The SoCo Market not only showcased a vibrant collection of vendors but also fostered a sense of community. OFS felt the warm reception from visitors and vendors alike, experiencing firsthand the supportive and welcoming atmosphere. The OFS team had the pleasure of interacting with fellow vendors, building connections, and exchanging knowledge within the community. The event provided an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for delivering exceptional products and services.

Special shout out to:
Body Luxuriate for letting us use their scissors for our beauty tent throughout the event.
Madd Healing for letting us use their dolly to carry our beauty tent and supplies back to our cars.

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Both New and Familiar Faces

The OFS team had the pleasure of reconnecting with familiar faces, as well as meeting new ones at The SoCo Market. The shimmer wall backdrop that adorned our tent became an instant hit, drawing attention and compliments from visitors. The sparkling ambiance perfectly reflected the essence of our store inside Coddingtown Mall and added a touch of glamour to the event. The Hydrojelly demos sparked curiosity and captivated the interest of many attendees who were eager to explore the world of Hydrojelly. Follow our socials to see the next time you can catch OFS at the SoCo Market.

OFS Drinks from La Concha Loca

Delicious Delights and Instagram Buzz

While delighting in the festivities, the On Fleek Studio team also indulged in the culinary delights offered by various vendors at The SoCo Market. One particular highlight was the mouthwatering Horchata topped with a concha from La Concha Loca. The team couldn’t resist sharing their food adventures on Instagram, which sparked a flurry of DM’s inquiring about that irresistible drink. The delectable treats served as a reminder that self-care goes beyond beauty, encompassing the joy of savoring delicious flavors.

Excitement for Future Events

The success and positive experiences at The SoCo Market have reignited the excitement within the On Fleek Studio team. They are thrilled to be back and eagerly anticipate participating in more upcoming events. The opportunity to engage with the community, showcase their expertise, and connect with both familiar and new faces is something they look forward to as they continue to spread their message of empowering beauty and wellness.

A Fun, Successful Event

Our presence at The SoCo Market was success, marked by familiar faces, a shimmering backdrop, and a keen interest in their Hydrojelly demos. The positive experience at The SoCo Market has reignited the team’s excitement for future events, where they can continue to share their expertise and engage with the community. Stay tuned for more updates and join On Fleek Studio on their journey of empowering beauty and wellness at upcoming events!

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