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Ultimate Guide to Brazilian Waxing Aftercare

Congratulations on your Brazilian waxing experience at On Fleek Studio! You’ve taken a significant step towards achieving smooth, hair-free skin. To ensure optimal results and maintain the health of your freshly waxed skin, it’s crucial to follow proper aftercare guidelines. In this beauty blog, we will discuss essential Brazilian waxing aftercare tips recommended by our experts at OFS.

Avoid Sun Exposure for 24 Hours

Direct sun exposure can irritate the freshly waxed skin, so it’s important to shield the area from sunlight for at least 24 hours after your Brazilian wax. If you need to go outside during this time, wear loose-fitting clothing that covers the treated area or use a physical barrier like a sun hat or sunscreen.

No Swimming, Hot Tubs, or Saunas for 24 Hours

To prevent potential infections or irritations, it’s best to avoid swimming, hot tubs, and saunas for the first 24 hours after your Brazilian wax. These environments can harbor bacteria and may cause discomfort or complications for freshly waxed skin.

Fur Oil Post Wax Oil

Incorporate Fur Oil Products

At home, Fur can be applied to skin daily, including the pubic area, underarms, legs & face. Results include softer regrowth, smooth skin and ingrown hair relief.

In a clinical study:

  • 100% agreed that Fur Oil minimizes ingrown hair.
  • 100% agreed that their pubic area is hydrated & protected after using Fur Oil.
  • 95% agreed that their pubic hair was silky, soft, & supple after using Fur Oil.
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Fur Oil

Vegan, Cruelty Free & Clean

Formulated without mineral oils, chemicals, harsh ingredients or parabens, Fur Oil is suitable for all skin types and if perfect for Post-Brazilian Wax Aftercare

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Refrain from Exercise for 24 Hours

Give your body time to recover by avoiding vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours after your Brazilian wax. Sweating and friction from tight clothing can cause irritation and discomfort, so it’s important to let your skin breathe and heal during this initial period.

Say No to Tight Clothing

Opt for loose-fitting clothing, particularly underwear, to allow your skin to breathe and minimize friction. Tight clothing can rub against the waxed area, leading to potential irritation or ingrown hairs. Choose breathable fabrics to promote healing and comfort.

Stay Consistent with Brazilian Waxing

To achieve the best results and minimize discomfort over time, it’s important to stay consistent with your Brazilian waxing routine. Regular waxing helps weaken the hair follicles and promotes slower and finer hair regrowth. Be consistent with your appointments and follow the recommended maintenance schedule provided by your esthetician.

Post Brazilian Wax Vajacial at OFS in Santa Rosa. All of our Brazilian waxes can be upgraded to include a vajacial.

Upgrade to a Vajaicial

  1. Improved Skin Appearance: Improve the appearance of your skin by removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. This results in brighter, smoother skin with less irritation.
  2. Reduced Ingrown Hairs: Help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, which can be super uncomfortable and can leave you with scars and hyperpigmentation.
  3. Increased Confidence: You’ll not only feel more confident, but you’ll also be more comfortable in your own skin.
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Self-Care for Down There

If you’re looking for a specialized skincare treatment for your V area, then you might want to consider a Vajacial. 

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Maintaining Smooth Results

Proper aftercare is vital to ensure a comfortable and successful Brazilian waxing experience. By following these aftercare tips provided by our experts at On Fleek Studio, you can protect your skin, promote healing, and maintain your smooth results. Remember to avoid sun exposure, swimming, hot tubs, saunas, exercise, and tight clothing for the first 24 hours. Additionally, schedule your follow-up appointment within 4-6 weeks and incorporate Fur Oil products into your daily routine for optimal skin health. At On Fleek Studio, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Embrace the smoothness and confidence that comes with a Brazilian wax, and let our aftercare tips guide you towards long-lasting results. Should you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team. Enjoy your beautiful, hair-free skin!

Note: Before following any aftercare routine, it is essential to consult with your esthetician or healthcare professional to ensure it is suitable for your specific skin type and any pre-existing conditions.

After every Body Wax at OFS you will receive an OFS Aftercare card with tips to stay smooth. This is an image of the front of the card.

Don’t Forget Your Brazilian Waxing Aftercare Card

After every Body Waxing appointment at OFS, your esthetician will provide you with a Body Waxing Aftercare card that you can take home with you. This aftercare card includes all of the brazilian waxing aftercare tips included in this Beauty Blog.

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