Face and Body Expo San Jose 2022

Face & Body Expo San Jose 2022

The San Jose Face & Body Expo did not disappoint. The entire convention floor was lined with rows of vendors. This years event was combined with a Nail Art competition as well, they had a separate section for that which made browsing the Esti supplies that much easier us.

The Beauty Vendors

Our first stop was by the State Board booth, we had some very important questions that speaking to an in-person representative made is so much easier to get the answers we sought. We then worked our way isle by isle, about 90% of the booths were skincare lines, 10% were other varying vendors selling jewelry cleaners, modalities, lights, uniforms and tools.

Our Goals Going into the Expo

We had originally planned the trip to see what was trending in our industry. We thought we may come home with a new skincare line to implement into the new On Fleek Studio Glow & Go facial menu (which was a work in progress at the time).

Meeting the LightStim Reps

As we browsed the isles we came upon the Lightstim booth. We spoke with a representative and were intrigued. About a million questions later she finally said, “Why don’t you lay down and I’ll show you first hand how this machine works.”

Trying Elipsa for the First Time

Brittney decided that she would give it a try. She laid down on the table and the rep placed an occlusive sheet mask over her face follow by goggles over my eyes. She instructed her to relax and she switched on her Elipsa Lightstim+ machine to the anti-aging mode. The entire 16 minutes were relaxing, She “felt a warm glow form the machine, hydration from the mask and the noise from the convention just buzzed to a low hum in the background. I was able to tune everything out around me and just relax”.

LightStim Elipsa Results

Afterwards I looked in the mirror and I saw that my skin was completely rejuvenated. The technology behind LED therapy is amazing. There are so many benefits to name a few:

  • Anti-aging
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Inflammation

We since then have incorporated our light into all of our facials and also have an A La Cart menu as well. Clients love the light and overall it was great decision to attend the show. We will be back next year!

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