Our Top Selling Beauty Services at OFS 2023

Our Top 5 Selling Beauty Services

As 2023 has progressed, we’ve witnessed a dynamic shift in beauty trends. Today, we’re excited to share the most popular beauty services at OFS last year, showcasing the changing tastes and preferences within the Santa Rosa and Sonoma County communities. These trends not only reflect local demand but also mirror broader shifts in the beauty industry, indicating a fascinating evolution in consumer preferences and styles.

1. Brow Shaping (+ Lash Lift & Tint)

Brow Shaping reigns as the top seller at OFS in 2023, continuing its long-standing popularity at our beauty studio. This includes both our classic shaping and the brow shaping with tint options. It’s been our go-to service for years, loved for how it transforms and defines facial features. Plus, the tint adds a fuller, more defined look, perfectly in sync with the current beauty trends everyone’s after.

Eyebrow Shaping: Waxing vs Threading. Image of an eyebrow wax for our beauty blog post about brow waxing vs brow threading.

2. Full Face Wax

The Full Face Wax service at OFS has clinched the spot as the second most popular in 2023. It’s particularly favored by clients who initially come in for Brow Shaping but decide to upgrade for a more comprehensive treatment. This service not only enhances the neatness of the brows but also extends the benefits of waxing to the entire face, offering a complete, polished look. Its popularity is a testament to clients seeking a more thorough facial grooming experience.

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3. Brazilian Wax

The Brazilian Wax service at OFS has secured its place as the third most popular this year. Coinciding with this, we introduced The Vajacial, which is quickly becoming a client favorite. The Brazilian Wax offers a thorough, long-lasting smoothness, while the Vajacial adds an extra layer of skincare, addressing concerns like ingrown hairs and skin texture. This combination of services caters to those looking for comprehensive intimate area care. We offer many intimate waxing services but the Brazilian Wax is still the most popular by a long shot.

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5. Underarm Wax

The Underarm Wax secured its spot as the fifth most popular service at OFS. Enhancing the client experience, we also introduced the Underarm Glow service, which includes a soothing hydrojelly mask applied to the underarm area after waxing. This innovative addition not only soothes the skin post-wax but also elevates the overall waxing experience, offering additional skincare benefits.

Subtle & Classic

In 2023, the beauty trend shifted towards more subtle and classic looks, with many clients preferring natural aesthetics. This trend reflects a growing appreciation for simplicity and elegance in beauty routines.

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