Master Class with Kim Kardashian

As many of you know, Brittney went to Los Angeles this July to take The Master Class with Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic. Below you can find the 3 things she found most useful during The Master Class with Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic.

Top 3 Things Brittney Learned from The Master Class

1. Mario’s Secret Weapon

The Beauty Blender. This is Mario’s #1 tool in his makeup kit. It is a small egg-shaped makeup sponge that is dampened before use to blend & apply product. He made sure to add that you use you a blotting motion, never a swiping motion (it will remove product). In my take-home kit from the class he included The Original Beauty Blender, The Body Blender & Micro Mini Blender. Just look at Kim, her foundation is always blended perfectly!

2. Best Brows on the Market

Anastasia Beverly Hills according to Mario (and I agree) is the BEST brow brand on the market. Anastasia (pronounced Ana-Stoss-EE-A) & her beautiful daughter Norvina attended The Master Class both looking flawless as per usual. Kim made it clear that Anastasia is the only person she trusts with her brows and that is the only brand Mario uses for brows. Mentionable ABH products: Clear Brow Gel, Brow Wiz, Brow Pro Palette, Dipbrow Pomade.

3. Contouring Wisdom

Mario says, “It is always better to apply softly and build on that base”. Translation: it is easier to add then take away. For Kim’s (legendary) contour application during the class he simply applied Benefit bronzer ‘Hoolah’ in a slanted line from her ear to underneath her cheekbones, at hairline, at jaw line and a little on the sides of her nose. He mentioned not to bring the line too far close to the mouth or it will age the face. For her highlight he applied ‘ABH So Hollywood’ Illuminator to the tops of her cheekbones, temples, down nose, top of lip and under lip indent and collar bones.

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