Lash Extension Removal

Lash Extension Removal

Are you considering removing your Lash Extensions? In this Beauty Blog, we will answer some common questions about lash extension removal, including the process of removing them, when it’s time to remove them & what to do during your lash break.
Discover why attempting to remove your lashes at home is not recommended and why entrusting the removal process to our skilled professionals is the best choice.

The Importance of Professional Lash Extension Removal

Lash extension removal should always be performed by a Licensed Esthetic Professional. While it may be tempting to try removing them at home, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks involved. Our professionals have the knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to safely and effectively remove lash extensions without damaging your natural lashes. Trusting a professional ensures a smooth and comfortable experience while preserving the health and integrity of your lashes.

Is Lash Extension Removal Painful?

Lash extension removal at On Fleek Studio is a gentle and painless process. Our skilled estheticians use professional-grade products and techniques to ensure your comfort throughout the removal procedure. The adhesive used to attach lash extensions is carefully dissolved with a specialized lash adhesive remover, allowing the extensions to be easily and safely detached from your natural lashes. You can relax and rest assured that our professionals will prioritize your comfort and provide a pain-free removal experience.

Duration of Lash Extension Removal

The time it takes to remove lash extensions can vary depending on the number of extensions and the condition of your lashes. On average, the removal process typically takes between 30 to 45 minutes. Our experienced estheticians work meticulously to ensure that each lash extension is gently and thoroughly removed, taking the necessary time to achieve the best results. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy a pampering experience as our professionals delicately remove your lash extensions. We always finish our safe lash removal service with a bubbly lash bath.

When is it Time to Remove Lash Extensions?

There are several instances when it’s recommended to remove lash extensions. These include when your natural lashes have grown out, when the extensions have started to shed unevenly, or when you’re ready for a fresh set of lash extensions. It’s important to note that leaving old extensions on for too long can lead to potential damage to your natural lashes. Regularly scheduled lash extension maintenance appointments can help determine the ideal time for removal and ensure the health and longevity of your lashes.

What Next?

After removing your lash extensions, it is normal feel bare and blah. We recommend using this period as a time of self-care. Introduce a lash growth serum into nightly your skincare routine, this will lengthen your natural lashes for your next Lash Set. If you can’t shake not being a lash girl but want something more natural with less maintenance than Lash Extensions, we suggest you go for the Lash Lift (Lash Lift + Tint for maximum WOW factor). See our article below on Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions to compare & contrast the two.

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Should I Remove My Extensions at Home?

Lash extension removal at On Fleek Studio is a gentle and professional process performed by our Licensed Esthetic Professionals. Attempting to remove lash extensions at home can result in painful twisting of the extensions, irreparable damage to the natural lashes. This can also cause gaps in your lash line & swelling of the eyelids. It’s essential to trust the expertise of skilled professionals to remove lashes. Our removal process is pain-free and safe. When it’s time to remove your lash extensions, book an appointment with On Fleek Studio and let our professionals take care of your lash needs.

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