Lash Lift Aftercare Card. After every lash appointment, appointment, our clients receive an aftercare card to take home.

Lash Lift Aftercare

Lash lifts have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer a more natural and long-lasting alternative to traditional eyelash extensions. However, to ensure the best results and maintain the health of your lashes, proper aftercare is essential. Here are some important tips to keep in mind for lash lift aftercare:

Avoid Getting Your Lashes Wet for 24 Hours

One of the most important things to remember after getting a lash lift is to avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 24 hours. This includes washing your face, taking a shower, going swimming, or using a sauna.

Why Avoid Moisture?
Water can weaken the chemical bonds that hold the lashes in their lifted position. Moisture in the first 24 hours can cause your lash lift to lose its curl and droop.

Ditch the Lash Curler

After a lash lift, your lashes will already be curled and lifted, so using a lash curler is unnecessary and can actually cause damage to your lashes. The mechanical pressure from the curler can break the lashes or cause them to lose their shape, leading to an uneven and unnatural look.

Avoid Using Mascara for 24 Hours

It may be tempting to enhance your new lifted lashes with mascara. It’s important to avoid using it for at least 24 hours after your lash lift. Mascara can be difficult to remove and can cause your lashes to clump together or lose their shape. Mascara chemicals can also weaken the lash lift and cause it to fade faster.

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Don’t Rub Your Lashes

Rubbing or touching your lashes can cause them to lose their shape or even fall out. It’s important to be gentle with your lashes and avoid rubbing them. Be careful when removing makeup or applying skincare products. If you need to clean your lashes, use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover and a soft cotton pad to dab the product away.

Use Lash & Brow Toxx Daily

Lash & Brow Toxx is a specialized product designed to provide nourishment, hydration and protection to the lashes and brows. When applied after a lash lift treatment, it offers several benefits that can help maintain the health and beauty of these delicate features.

Our Brow Lamination Aftercare recommendations include aftercare products.

Regular use of this product also conditions the lashes and brows, resulting in a fuller and more voluminous appearance. The best part? You can purchase Lash & Brow Toxx at OFS in Santa Rosa after your appointment.
Pro Tip: You can also use Lash & Brow Toxx for your Brow Lamination.

Additional Tips

In addition to these tips, it’s also important to avoid sleeping on your face, using oil-based products on your lashes, and excessively touching or playing with your lashes. By following these simple aftercare tips, you can maintain the health and beauty of your lifted lashes and enjoy their full potential.

Lash Lift Aftercare Card with Aftercare Tips.

Remember Your Lash Lift Aftercare Card

At On Fleek Studio, we believe that our clients deserve the best possible care and attention when it comes to their beauty treatments. That’s why our estheticians always go above and beyond to ensure that you leave our studio feeling confident and happy with the results of your lash lift appointment. One of the ways we do this is by providing you with a lash lift aftercare card, which contains all the information you need to take care of your newly lifted lashes. This card includes tips on how to maintain the lift, what products to avoid, and how to properly clean your lashes. By following the instructions on this card, you can be sure that your lash lift will last as long as possible, and that your lashes will look their best for weeks to come.

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