Chantal Visits OFS

Chantal Visits OFS

Chantal came in for a Glow & Go Facial service at OFS. Being an influencer/content creator, she documented her experience on Tik-Tok, Facebook and also on Instagram as a Reel. You can watch the video below:

About Chantal

Chantal is a young Santa Rosa native who is highly involved in her community. While her family owns well-known local food trucks and restaurants, she likes to cook at home, try new recipes, stir up cocktails, and tell you about that thing she did last weekend. In case you miss it, she’ll show you!

Chantal likes to document her day-to-day with vlogs (or video blogs). And one by one, anyone can watch and piece them together to discover the active life she lives. If she’s not hanging out at the beach cleaning up straws (save the turtles) while her boyfriend fishes with the boys, she’s trying new local restaurants and showing you the ins and outs of our gems here in Sonoma County. To get a glimpse and stay in the know, follow Chantal’s pages on these social media platforms!

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