Face & Body

Northern California Spa Expo & Conference

At On Fleek Studio we always strive to be on the forefront of beauty standards and trends. In order to achieve this, we send our staff members to expos and training seminars each year.

This year one of the those expos was the Northern California Spa Expo & Conference in San Jose, CA.  Justine, our Lead Esthetician and Angelina, our Store Manager both attended this event.

This was a great two day event just 2 hours away from On Fleek Studio!

Justine’s Experience

I absolutely loved it the Face & Body Expo. We are already looking forward to and planning to attend next year. Being able to go to an event for work and enjoying every thing about it is such a blessing. It was such a fun and knowledgeable experience, starting from the suppliers that we got to mingle with, the advanced education classes we attended and getting to spend quality time with my amazing co worker.

Tricks of the Trade

I got to meet so many new people in the industry. There is a wide range of services we as Estheticians are able to perform and at the expo I felt really immersed in it. From Lashes to Facials to Hair Removal to Makeup Application, there was a class on just about everything.

My favorite thing about this was when the classes I attended had a live demonstration.

Classes with live demonstrations were my favorite. I got to listen, watch and learn from other estheticians. I consider Brazilian waxing one of my favorite services and one that I am most skilled at. Being able to watch a 20 year seasoned Esthetician perform a Brazilian Wax was awesome. She had so many new tips and tricks that she shared us, and I am now able to execute this knowledge with all of my future wax clients!

New Take on Essential Oils

I took a class on aromatherapy and essential oils, something I have never been really been into but this class had completely changed my outlook. This class was so interesting, I learned the way they include essential oils into everyday life. Essentials oils can be used in a diffuser, in facials and to overall improve health and happiness.

Having an oil around for each different part of your day and the effects that they have on your mood is so cool! “Hug in a Bottle”, an oil specifically formulated to comfort someone who is feeling sad, anxious, lonely, depressed or upset. Diffuse that in your room and instantly perk up and those feelings disappear, how cool is that?! There were so many more oils like this to choose from and they are so clean and natural and safe for everyone, this is definitely my new must have at work and at home.

Angelina’s Experience

The Face & Body expo was a great experience for me. Not being an Esthetician, I didn’t know if there would be much for me to do or be apart of. To my surprise I was able to take most classes they offered. The classes offered insight on identifying your clients needs before the clients had those needs. We always strive to make everyone that walks through the door have a great experience but the the classes taught us ways to take our customer service to the next level. Not only did the classes cover how to give amazing customer service to clients when they’re at the store, but also how to provide great customer service on our social media.

The Vendors

What I loved most about this trick was all the vendors. My favorite booth had to be the Pretty Vulgar Makeup Line! Their packaging caught my eye and they had a lot of things that reminded me of our studio. Everyone at every booth was very friendly and most of the booths had a class that was tailored to their brand which I thought was interesting. My favorite class had to have been taught by a speaker named Drew Coleman, who taught a class called “Why Should I do Business with You?” Drew’s class brought me a lot of perspective from a clients point of view on why they chose On Fleek Studio over any other Spa. This class also went over on how to keep our customers coming back.

Next Year

I’m looking forward to coming back next year with our whole team. The Face & Body expo is a great way see the latest products up close. It is also great to learn techniques from some of the best, seasoned industry professionals.