Eyelash Extension Care

Eyelash Extension Care

Protect your investment! You invest time and money into having fabulous lashes, please read our eyelash extension care tips below so that your lashes can remain intact and beautiful from fill to fill.  

Lash Cleaning

The first rule to keeping your lashes clean is not to get your new extensions wet for the first 24 hours. The glue applied after a fresh lash set or lash fill takes 24 hours to cure. Water or steam during the initial 24 hour period can prevent the glue from curing resulting in lash loss.

After this period is over, it is very important to clean your lashes with our daily lash cleanser,  Lash Bath (sold in store $34). This will prevent bacteria buildup along the lash line, promote healthy lash growth and strengthen lash retention.

Makeup & Skincare

Never apply mascara to your extensions; if you feel the need to make them longer or fuller consider talking to your lash artist. Mascara will weaken retention resulting in lash loss and will close your volume fans which makes your set look sparse and bare. Try and avoid all eye makeup, creams, and products that are oil-based. So, the next time you are at a makeup counter keep this in mind and reach for the water-based products or try out powder substitute, your lashes will thank you!

Lash Saving Tips

It’s important to remember your lifestyle and daily activities such as exercise, swimming, hot yoga, and sleeping position will affect your lash retention. Remember not to pick and pull on your extensions, if there is an eyelash bothering you it is better to have a last artist fix it for you. We hope you enjoyed our Eyelash Extension Care tips, if you would like to book at appointment click here.

Frequently Asked Lash Extension Questions

What is the Maintenance?2019-03-11T13:36:11+00:00

You will need a one time full set appointment which ranges from 90 mins – 180 mins depending on style, length and fullness. Then to maintain them you will need a 60 – 80 minute fill appointment every two to three weeks. Just 2-3 hours per month in lieu of mascara & makeup everyday is an excellent trade!

Will Lash Extensions Damage My Natural Lashes?2019-03-11T13:35:22+00:00

No – so long as you A) Keep them Clean (see above) & B) See a reputable, certified lash artist who practices proper isolation techniques. Isolation is the process of separating each natural lash from all other lashes prior to glueing an extension. Careless lash artists who do not take the time to properly isolate will end up damaging your lashes. All On Fleek Studio Lash Artists are certified and properly trained in safe & sanitary Lash Extension application.

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