Are Chemical Peels for you?

Chemical Peels can sound scary & intimidating, but in reality they are magical. They are used to help treat a multitude of surface skin problems such as: scarring, fine lines/wrinkles, inflamed acne, redness, oil control, hyper pigmentation, sun damage, flaky skin & dullness. You are considered an ideal peel client if your skin is not sensitive & can handle about 5 minutes of ‘spiciness’ while it is on. Your skin will not physically peel & you can apply makeup as soon as the next day.

A Serices of Chemical Peels vs. One Chemical Peel

You can do just one peel as a refresher treatment and you will notice results such as glow, brighter skin tone and smoothness. However, you won’t get the same benefits as doing a series of peels. A series of peels at On Fleek Studio can be either 3 or 6 peels performed one week apart for 3 weeks or 6 weeks (depending on which series you choose). We try to aim for the same day & time slot each week. By doing these peels so closely, you maximize your results by not allowing the skin to fully heal and it allows the peel to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Commitment: zero sun exposure, waxing or exfoliation 3 days before & after sunscreen

Skin types: dry, oily, combination, acne, aging

Pumpkin Spice Peel $75

The skin you want is under the skin you see. Reveal it with our powerful, non-surgical acid-hybrid peel. You’ll undo years of visible damage and premature age signs – without the redness, flaking, or actual “peeling” of the skin from a traditional peel. Our advanced peel technology removes the uppermost layers of the skin at a microscopic level, to immediately tighten, unclog pores, improve lines and leave skin with a younger, velvety-smooth texture. Plus, you’ll benefit from detoxifying activated charcoal to draw out aging impurities. Best results achieved with a series of treatments – your esthetician will choose from two different glycolic acid levels to meet your skin’s needs each time.